Discover the world of electro mechanical grinding.

If your challenge is the prevention of contamination or the handling of critical substances MAGMILL offers the solution for your grinding problem. The magnetic field mill represents a novel technology with an operating principle that eliminates many problems of common milling techniques.

Field of application

Benefits of the Magnetic Field Mill

The magnetic field mill (MFM) is based on the innovative principle of electromechanical disintegration. Particles are ground in an enclosed grinding space through grinding beads that are directly driven by the magnetic field. For this purpose, the working chamber, which is filled with grinding beads and the product, is placed into the machine from the top.

The mechanism of the Magnetic Field Mill provides significant benefits:

  • Handling of difficult materials in a sealed working chamber
  • Simple removal of the chamber and short changeover time
  • Elimination of agitator and sealing systems
  • Negligible danger of product contamination
  • Possibility of integrated product cooling
  • Working chamber completely autoclavable
  • Adjustable grinding intensity for disintegration and disagglomeration


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Our Top-Products

Desk mount model MFM 0.3

The desk mount model of the Magnetic Field Mill is available in grinding chamber sizes ranging between 0.3 and 1.5 liters.

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Pharma model MFM 0.3P

For the Pharma model, the grinding appliance is directly flange connected to a GMP-compatible casing, …

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In November 2021, we will move into our new technical center.
The following MFM table designs will then be available to our customers for trials:

- MFM 0.3 with a grinding chamber capacity of 0.3 liters,

- MFM 3.0 with a grinding chamber capacity of 3.0 liters.

Consulting service

We will be pleased to help you develop the best solution for your application with our consulting service. We look forward to your message.