Field of application

Pharma and Food

The working chamber and the grinding beads are available in different materials, which guarantee a grinding process with minimal contamination in compliance with GMP standards.

Due to the construction principle, the working chamber can be removed en bloc without any tools. Further product handling is independent from the MFM. An uninterrupted workflow is made possible by the simultaneous use of several working chambers.


  • Simple removal of the closed working chamber
  • Elimination of agitator and sealing system
  • Minimized danger of product contamination
  • Possibility of integrated product cooling
  • Working chamber completely autoclavable


Accurate control over the grinding intensity within a wide range makes the MFM well suited for disintegration processes. All parts of the products can be easily separated afterwards.


  • Disintegration by adjustable stress
  • Completely sealed working chamber due to elimination of agitator
  • Low energy consumption for cell disruption


The MFM is particularly suitable for applications in the field of chemistry, where minimal stress on the product is crucial as with the disagglomeration of substances. Optimum results are achieved by exact adjustment of the application of energy.


  • Handling of difficult materials in a sealed working chamber
  • Disagglomeration by adjustable energy input