Company Profile

RTI Rauschendorf Tittel Ingenieure GmbH (in cooperation with RTI Automation GmbH)

RTI Rauschendorf Tittel Ingenieure GmbH (RTI), based in Leipzig, has been providing engineering services for the process industry since 1995. Coming from automation solutions, process engineering has also been part of the portfolio for a long time.

Electromechanical comminution is the subject of RTI's MAGMILL division, which produces the magnetic field mill (MFM). With this MFM, which is based on an innovative principle of operation, particles are comminuted in a closed grinding chamber by grinding beads driven directly by the magnetic field.


In several years of research and development work, the MAGMILL division has acquired special expertise in the following areas:

  • Development and production of mills based on the electromechanical principle
  • Production of working chambers for the magnetic field mill
  • Production of grinding beads for the magnetic field mill